Project: Jenny Holzer's 253 Truisms exhibition at MOCA.
Objective: To create a poster, advertising an exhibition at MOCA, using 1 of the 253 Truisms as inspiration, yet in a clever way through visuals.  
Project: Health Seminar - Preconception Peer Educators
Objective: To bring awareness of health disparties in the US and how to decrease these health disparities and infant mortality rates by properly educating ourselves about preventative measures.
Project: Avant Garde, Type used as a Form
Objective: Using a typeface of your choice, create a visual that represents the history and culture of the culumination of the typeface choosen. 
Project: Promotional movie posters
Objective: To create a visual impacting poster using scenes from the movie that was assigned to you. 
Project: LA Times Arts & Music Article featuring, "100 Years of Graphic Design".
Objective: Using your own interpretation of what Graphic Design has become over the years, create the main headliner for the Arts & Music section in the LA Times. 
Photo Credits:
Truism Poster based on "Doll parts" by Zemlinki! and "Kitty!" by Suedehead, CC-BY-2.0.
Health Seminar Posters based on "Baby Savannah" by Eduardo Merille and "Family" by mrhayata and "handshake, by Broad Bean Media, CC-BY-2.0.

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