Project Description: To create a concept for the Numi Organic Tea company. 
Audience & Target Audience: Health conscious consumers ranging from 20s-30s looking for a relatively moderate priced organic tea, but does not lack on taste and rich natural flavor.
Objective: To create a vintage, yet, fresh look for Numi Organic Tea.
Photo Credits
Ginger Lemon Tea based on “would make a nice lemon pie” by mbtrama & "Cabin at Valley Forge" by Garen M., CC-BY-2.0.
Berry Black Tea based on “Late Strawberries” by skipnclick & "Fårö windmill" by Jens Auer, CC-BY-2.0.
Orange Spice Tea based on “Orange” by Francisco Antunes & "Moat" by Paul Stainthorp, CC-BY-2.0.
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